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Sustainable Fuels

In this interactive database you can choose educts, processes and products for the production of sustainable fuels. The results display companies active in this field with the corresponding technologies.

You can choose from which point of view you would like to start your search. In real time you can see the results. Just try it out!

(Explanations to abbreviations can be found at the bottom of this page.)

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H2: Hydrogen

H2O: Water

CO2: Carbon dioxide

Energy crops: Mostly low-cost and low-maintenance woody crops or herbaceous plants used for renewable bioenergy production

Food/​Feed crops: Cultivated plants deliberately altered or selected by humans and used for human or animal consumption

Residues: Agricultural residues, which cannot be classified as waste” as a significant portion needs to be left in the field to preserve soil structure and fertility, e.g., rice/​wheat straw, corn stover

Waste: e.g., frying oil, household/​municipal waste, liquid manure

1/2/G: first/​second/​third generation

BtL: Biomass to Liquid

DME: Dimethyl ether

DMF: Dimethylfuran

LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

OME: Oxymethylene ether

SAF: Sustainable Aviation Fuel