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UPM, Verno

UPMs Lappeenranta biorefinery operates since 2015 and produces annually over 100,000 tons of renewable diesel (brand name: UPM BioVerno”) and renewable naphtha from crude tall oil. UPM BioVerno reduces GHG emissions by over 80% and, as drop-in fuel, can be used in high blends as the chemical properties are identical to fossil fuel. The technology used at the biorefinery in order to procure renewable diesel comprises four steps: The pre-treatment of crude tall oil, hydro-treatment of processed tall oil, purification of recycled gas and fractionation of remaining liquid. The biorefinery feedstock, crude tall oil, is a residue of (coniferous) wood pulp production. Consequently, UPM can apply this residue from its pulp mills and therefore uses already harvested wood from sustainably managed forests more efficiently.