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Sunfire develops and manufactures substitutes for mineral oil and natural gas, known as e‑Naphtha, e‑Fuel, e‑Diesel, e‑Gas and e‑Chemicals (e.g. e‑waxes), which may replace fossil fuels in existing infrastructures. Of particular interest in this technology is the steam electrolysis process (SOEC), which splits water vapor efficiently into hydrogen and oxygen. Subsequently, carbon dioxide is transformed to carbon monoxide before Blue Crude is generated. A breakthrough for the technology is the recently developed co-electrolysis combining the dissociation of hydrogen from water and the production of carbon monoxide in a single process step. The Norsk e‑Fuel industrial consortium – of which Sunfire is the largest shareholder – plans to commission an industrial e‑Fuels production plant in 2024. The initial annual production capacity of 12.5 million liters is expected to double by 2026.