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Global Bioenergies

The technology developed by Global Bioenergies uses a genetically modified microorganism to convert forestry and agricultural residues into isobutene. As the special fermentation results directly in the production of a gas, purification of the product can be achieved easily. The final product, bio-isobutene, is one of the major building blocks of the petrochemical industry. Derivates of isobutene can be applied as gasoline additive or as potential drop-in fuel, as was shown by operating an Audi car with a blend containing 34% isobutene-derived compounds. Global Bioenergies’ first commercial plant in Pomacle-Bazancourt, France, has begun production in spring 2022, with Shell having ordered first testing volumes of isobutene derivatives. The company is experience in coordination of high impact EU project of the use of isobutene, such as OPTISOCHEM and REWOFUEL.