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Fields of Activity

  • Digit­iz­a­tion of Biotechnology

    In the coming years, digitization will usher the next major revolution in the development of biotechnological processes and products.

  • Indus­tri­al Proteins

    Novel, protein-based materials with innovative properties, such as stability or hydrophobicity, are highly demanded, so that corresponding developments are of immense market importance.

  • Recyc­ling of Resid­ual Mater­i­als and CO2

    The value-added use of by-product and residual material streams, which include carbon dioxide, should lead to novel commodities and energy sources.

  • Sus­tain­able Biopolymers

    Biopolymers offer enormous potential in terms of environmentally friendly and, in some cases, completely new functional properties. Their potential applications include films, packaging, medical technology and adhesives.

  • Advanced Fuels

    Advanced biofuels represent a new generation of energy sources. They are developed through innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and are produced without using potential food or feed.

  • Polit­ic­al Dialogue

    Sustainable decisions and sensible solutions require the discourse among politics, business, science and society. We support these expert discussions with commitment, heart and facts.