Overview: Advanced Biomass Value

Duration: 1st June 2013 - 31st March 2017

Sustainable production by energetic and material utilization of algae biomass

The joint research project "Advanced Biomass Value" (ABV) addresses the development and valorization of a new biogenic raw material base of the third generation, which differs from currently available biomass sources in high yield efficiency, low lignin content and improved land use efficiency. The ABV project partners - under the leadership of the Department of Industrial Biocatalysis of the Technical University of Munich - pursue the objective of material and energetic utilization of algae biomass: high quality lubricants shall be produced from algae lipids. Furthermore, the remaining algae biomass will be used to produce bio-kerosene. All residues, which accumulate from this production process, are also utilized appropriately in CO2-adsorbing materials. Consequentely, no waste occurs.

ABV was approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the funding program "Bioenergie - Prozessorientierte Forschung und Innovation (BioProFi)".


In view of the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels rethinking is necessary in the aviation and lubricants industry. In order to continue to meet the demand, alternative resources have to be determined. Fuels from algae cope with the standards of today's aviation fuels. In addition, the use of algae as a source of raw materials do not compete with food production. Further advantages are that algae retain the greenhouse gas CO2 during growth and that they possess - in comparison to land plants - a 10-100-fold higher biomass yield per acreage.

The official ABV project profile is available here (unfortunately only in german).

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