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Welcome to the press section of IBB Netzwerk GmbH. Here you will find our press releases as well as additional information and contact details. Unfortunately, most of our press releases are only available in German.

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Press releases until October 2017

Press release on August 28, 2017

Smart prognostic tools for biotechnology and medicine

Approved cooperation network "MoDiPro" develops computer-based models to make biotechnological production processes more efficient and to enable optimized and fast decisions in medicine.

Press release on March 07, 2017

Cooperation network "BioPlastik" - long-term investment in clever product solutions

After three years of funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the cooperation network is now consolidated by contributions from the partners only.


Press release on July 28, 2016

CO2 interlinked - from a climate risk factor to a highly sought-after raw material

Recently approved collaboration network "UseCO2", managed by IBB Netzwerk GmbH, utilizes the climate risk factor carbon dioxide to develop sustainable products.

Press release on May 02, 2016

"Waste2Value": Second phase of ZIM-funding has been granted

Partners of the collaboration network elaborate a value-enhancing use of residual material.

Press release on March 22, 2016

Successful start of the new conference series "Industrial Biotechnology Forum" in Munich

A report about the launching event.

Press release on January 28, 2016

"Industrial Biotechnology Forum 2016"

A new scientific conference series about Industrial Biotechnology starts in Munich.


Press release on August 26, 2015

"Bone adhesive" - Innovative medicine starts as BMWi-project

Biopolymers shall revolutionize the treatment of bone injuries

Pressemeldung von Montag, 27. Juli 2015

„Grünes Gold“ – Algen-Projekt „Advanced Biomass Value“ startet aussichtsreich ins dritte Projektjahr

Aus Algen und Ölhefen gewonnene Schmier-, Bau- und Flugkraftstoffe sind zum Greifen nah

Press release on Monday, 6th July 2015

"Waste2Value": Creating Value from Residues and Waste

Partner in cooperation network draw a first balance

Press release on Thursday, 5th March 2015

Cooperation network "BioPlastik" ready for round two

Bioplastic products from biogenic residues


Press release on Monday, 25th August 2014

Towards the biorefinery of the future
"Advanced Biomass Value": lubricants, building materials and aviation fuels from algae and oil yeasts

Press release on Monday, 24th March 2014

Fuel production from mill by-products economically viable
Novel, environmentally-friendly conversion into high-quality products

Press release on Monday, 13th January 2014

Successful application for ZIM cooperation network "BioPlastics"
Objective: Exploitation of the potential of innovative, biodegradable biopolymers


Press release on Wednesday, 10th July 2013

IBB Netzwerk GmbH member of “Bio-based Industries Consortium” (BIC)
Network organization represents small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate the deployment of bio-based products in Europe by 2020

Press release on Wednesday, 15th May 2013

Strategic Alliance "Technofunctional Proteins" announced
Project partners use biobased resource for various technical applications

Press release on Tuesday, 15th January 2013

Launch of new website completes change of name of Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH offers a unique list of funding instruments and new information regarding industrial biotechnology.