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Global Bioenergies successfully moves its C3 process to Demo scale

Logo: Global Bioenergies

Global Bioenergies (IBB network member) announces having reached a new milestone in scaling up its C3 process converting renewable resources into isopropanol and acetone. These two biobased compounds target large markets in the...  Read more

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Six candidates are nominated for the Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2018”

Nominees of the 'Bio-based Material of the Year 2018' Award. Source: nova-Institut

From cashew nut residuals and cellulose fibrils over roof shingle sealer from soy-bean oil up to innovative composite and packaging materials.   Read more

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First car driving with Global Bioenergies' renewable gasoline

First Audi car drives at the Montlhéry circuit using over 34% renewable gasoline. Credit: jingoba/

First Audi car to drive at the Montlhéry circuit using over 34% renewable gasolineOne-cylinder engine testing results confirm renewable gasoline has very high performancesStart of the on-road testing phase  Read more


ExxonMobil and Renewable Energy Group: Progress in Cellulosic Biodiesel Research

Credit: CC0 Public Domain, bogitw/

Companies agree to extend research program based on positive findingsProgram uses microbes to convert cellulosic sugars into biodieselInitiative part of ExxonMobil’s research into emissions-reducing technologies  Read more

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Revolution in Food and Biomass Production High-tech strategy for a sustainable biomass supply

Revolution in Food and Biomass Production

New conference in Cologne, 1 and 2 October 2018, highlights advanced technologies for food and biomass production of the future.   Read more


Rottneros and RenFuel invest in renewable fuels

Credit: CC0 Public Domain, PublicDomainPictures/

Rottneros and RenFuel have entered into an agreement regarding delivery of the forest product lignin. Lignin is used for production of Lignol, RenFuel’s patented lignin oil. Lignol can be refined into renewable gasoline and...  Read more


More Than Just a Dream: Climate-Destroying CO2 as a Feedstock for Fuels, Chemicals and Plastics

Credit: CC0 Public Domain, ketacutter/

Current Research and Industrial Implementation Highlights.  Read more