Food or fuel - Or is it both?

The limited availability of reserves of raw materials and the onset of climate change led to a paradigm shift in the fuel policy. The production of biofuels co-initiated, especially in America, also an increased demand for arable land and agricultural resources. Thus, the rising food prices set a social discussion "food or fuel" rolling.

However, the solution of the problem must be only "food and fuel". Alternative ways to fuel production must be developed, as well as the available arable land has to be used for food and feed production. As a future task, it is therefore both important to use the existing agricultural crop land for sustainable food production and to process agricultural residues that do not compete with the availability of food and feed with the greatest possible efficiency. The industrial biotechnology faces these challenges.

With a concept that takes into account precisely this aspect, the IBB network has won one of the prices of the BMBF initiative "BioIndustrie 2021".