Examples of products and methods of Industrial Biotechnology


  • Washing and cleaning agents: Biotechnologically produced enzymes are mixed with the detergent and decompose fats, proteins and carbohydrates at low temperatures.
  • Textiles: the stonewashed effect on denim is achieved using cellulases.
  • Odor stopper sprays for carpets, shoes or sofa covers contain cyclodextrins, which absorb odors and thus neutralize them.
  • Creams often contain biotechnologically produced hyaluronic acid for moisture regulation.
  • Many food and feed additives are now produced biotechnologically, such as citric acid as an acidifier in beverages, natural flavors such as vanilla or strawberry flavor or phytase as a feed additive in pig breeding.
  • Paper production: enzymes are needed for chlorine-free bleaching of paper.
  • Vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin B2 are produced biotechnologically.
  • Bioplastics can be found in yogurt cups and carrier bags. Recently were a toothbrush and an airbag made from bioplastics.
  • Biofuels, such as ethanol and bio-kerosine.

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