Focus of the network: Old and new priorities

In the beginning, the focus of the network activity was the biotechnological production of bulk and specialty chemicals through integrated use of biomass, as well as the extraction and the use of performance-proteins.

Meanwhile, other topics have been added, such as

  • the generation of innovative biomaterials and high quality ingredients for the food and cosmetic industry,
  • the utilization of plant proteins and secondary plant compounds as well as non-plant biomaterials
  • the production of second and third-generation biofuels, as well as
  • process optimization.

The focus on additional topics shall help to integrate industrial biotechnology as an integral part, for example, in the paint and coatings industry, in the production of lubricants and adhesives as well as lightweight materials, bio-plastics, textiles and many more (more in "Industrial biotechnology is relevant for...").


By now, the IBB network represents a kind of superstructure, composed of partners who are already involved in one or several projects of the Industrial Biotechnology or who pursue this intention. Read more in the section "Sub-networks".

New partners are essential to increase the knowledge and capacity of the network so that novel ideas and projects with marketable products and processes can occur.