Funded research and development projects

Project titleFunding authority
1Sequential enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose - SEH BMBF¹
(BioIndustrie 2021)
2 Development of a new downstream process chain of biomass resources to C2 and C4 oxygenates BMBF
(BioIndustrie 2021)
3Enzymatic digestion of lignocellulose with the Lignozym process BMBF
(BioIndustrie 2021)
4Screening of algae in closed photobioreactors for high quality products -
5BioFuels 2021 - Innovative biofuels from the biorefinery of the future BMBF
(BioEnergie 2021)
6Cell-free bioproduction of hydrophobic building blocks from renewable resources

(Biotechnologie 2020+)

7New tools for the efficient development of bioprocesses in white biotechnology BayStMWi²
8Optimization of industrial production of heterologous expressed proteins by secretion of fusion proteins in special E. coli K12 strains BayStMWi/BMBF
(BioIndustrie 2021)
9Screening for natural preservatives in plants and algae for use in the beverage and dairy industry BayStMWi/BMBF
(BioIndustrie 2021)
10Enzyme recycling in industrial processes using novel peptide tags BayStMWi
11New applications of white biotechnology to produce safety-related components for motor vehicles BayStMWi
12Integrated bioprocess conception for the production of recombinant silk proteins BayStMWi
13Spider silk protein coating to increase the biocompatibility of catheters BayStMWi
14Production of biobutanol as an energy carrier and platform chemical from mill byproducts BayStMELF³
15Advanced Biomass Value BMBF (BioProFi)
16"Technofunktionelle Proteine (TeFuProt)" BMBF (I3B4)
17Sustainable production of novel bio-insecticides (NPBI) BayStMWi
18 Injectable fillers for high-tech tissue augmentation based on spider silk BFS5

¹BMBF: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
²BayStMWi: Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology
³BayStMELF: Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry
4I3B: Innovation initiative industrial biotechnology
5BFS: Bavarian Research Foundation