About us: Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH

Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH - in brief: IBB Netzwerk GmbH - was established in June 2008 with the company name of BioM WB GmbH, for the purpose of systematic facilitation of Industrial Biotechnology in Bavaria. IBB Netzwerk GmbH catalyzes the implementation of innovative biotechnological processes and procedures. Our main task is to connect partners from large industry, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and academy, to implement joint projects.

Objectives of IBB Netzwerk GmbH

Guiding theme of our work is to catalyze and strengthen the transfer of theoretical knowledge in the field of Industrial Biotechnology from the laboratory scale to the entrepreneurial, marketable conversion.

Specifically, our objectives are:

  • Expansion and consolidation of a competence network of Industrial Biotechnology
  • Productive partnerships of and between IBB network members
  • Strengthening innovation
  • Implementation of new value-added processes by our network members
  • Increase of business transactions within the network
  • Expansion of Industrial Biotechnology to new economic sectors
  • Increase in the degree of popularity of Industrial Biotechnology
  • Increase in visibility of the IBB network members
  • Efficient political facilitation of industrial biotechnology

The IBB Netzwerk GmbH facilitates real economy by supporting the transfer of valuable scientific knowledge into innovative, marketable products and processes!