Foerderverein Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern e.V.

In June 2008, the association “Foerderverein Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern e.V.” was founded (then as "Verein zur Foerderung der Weißen Biotechnologie in Bayern e.V."). The purpose of the association is the promotion of industrial biotechnology in Bavaria. For this reason, the Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (then called BioM WB GmbH) was also founded in 2008, performing the promotion of industrial biotechnology in Bavaria. The Foerderverein Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern e.V.” is the sole shareholder of the GmbH and is represented by the association board members. The elected board members are currently Dr. Hermann Heumann, managing director of Silantes GmbH, Dr. Axel Trefzer, Thermo Fisher Scientific GENEART GmbH, and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Liebl, Lehrstuhl für Mikrobiologie, TU München.