3rd European Chemistry Partnering

26 February 2019 | Frankfurt

On 26 February 2019 the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering will welcome visitors and presenters alike with three innovations: Inversed Pitches from large chemical industry companies. All pitches will be filmed and made available to ECP participants on a special platform. And, there will be one additional hour for partnering discussions.

What’s the ECP all about? The focus, as ever, is on 20-minute partnering discussions. Registered participants can arrange these now. New at this 3rd ECP is: We will start at 9 o'clock, so you can already schedule appointments. In case of very heavy demand the start can even be brought forward a little. The official opening of the 3rd ECP is at 10 o'clock.

A highlight of the 3rd ECP will be the Inversed Pitches. In a separate room, large companies from the chemical industry and their user industries will introduce themselves in 15-minute presentations. The following companies have already registered for Inversed Pitches: Clariant from Switzerland, DSM and Nouryon from the Netherlands, Haldor Topsoe from Denmark, Sanofi from France, UPM from Finland and BASF and Merck from Germany. In addition, many Start-ups and SMEs (each six minutes) and institutions, clusters and organizations (twelve minutes) will be presenting.

Another novelty at the 3rd ECP: The presenters' pitches will be recorded and made available, with the consent of the speakers, to ECP participants on the new ECP video platform. This means that every ECP participant can immerse him/herself in all the innovations at leisure.

"The first time it's an innovation, the second time it becomes a tradition and by the third time it’s already an institution. If this also applies to the 3rd ECP, that’s precisely why we want to develop the format further with our network partners," says Holger Bengs, initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering. "We are very proud of the eight international chemical giants who are with us today; recording pitches was only a matter of time: For me personally, it is important to help facilitate contacts between the participants as quickly as possible. Innovation happens here between people in an atmosphere of trust: that's the ECP." 

European Chemistry Partnering: A brief overview The European Chemistry Partnering is an event format in which the focus is on discussion about innovation along the chemical value chain. It is aimed at decision makers, innovation managers and investors in the chemical industry and its user industries, as well as industry-focused stakeholders and qualified service providers and consultants. The ECP consists of the elements: Keynote Speech, Partnering, Pitches, Exhibition and Final Panel. Companies can describe their innovations in short presentations (Pitches) and arrange appointments via a software tool in advance (Partnering). The European Chemistry Partnering was conceived and initiated by Dr. Holger Bengs, Managing Director of BCNP Consultants GmbH. The first event took place on 16th February 2017 in Frankfurt am Main. From 2018 onwards the ECP will occur twice a year. In February the venue is Frankfurt. In late summer, the ECP Summer Summit takes place in changing locations. 

Source: BCNP Consultants GmbH, press release


Source: BCNP Consultants GmbH