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Industrial Biotechnology Forum 2018

13-14 March 2018 | TUM, Garching

The Industrial Biotechnology Forum (IBF) is a new biennial international scientific conference series highlighting new developments, recent scientific results and future trends in Industrial Biotechnology. Organized by the IBB Netzwerk GmbH (the network organization of Bavaria for the advancement of Industrial Biotechnology and sustainable economy) and under the scientific responsibility of the Technical University of Munich, the IBF intends to open the doors to scientists from academy and industry worldwide for an intense interdisciplinary exchange on this field.

The launching event in 2016 was a great success having attracted more than 170 international participants. With the IBF 2018, we want to continue this success story. Besides high-impact research presentations from academy and industry, the IBF 2018 will be accompanied by an enlarged industrial and poster exhibition.

The IBF 2018 highlights the newest developments within the scientific core competences of Industrial Biotechnology: on the one hand, Enzyme Catalysis and Metabolic Engineering, i.e. technologies delivering new and efficient biocatalysis pathways; and on the other hand, Bioprocess Engineering and Upscaling as well as Bioseparation Engineering to enable use of new biocatalysts in an efficient way on an industrial scale. In addition, two Special Sessions about topical subjects are scheduled, one on Synthetic Biotechnology and another on Bioinformatic Trends in Biotechnology.

The invited speakers are international experts not only from Academia but also from globally acting enterprises as well as from medium size companies. Thus, the intersectoral character and the economic relevance of Industrial Biotechnology is demonstrated. Chosen speakers from submitted abstracts complement every session of the conference. In the breaks, there is plenty of time to visit the industrial and the poster exhibition and to reflect and exchange ideas with the experts and with each other.

We invite you cordially to submit your recent results for oral or poster presentation and to participate at this international and interdisciplinary event about Industrial Biotechnology science.

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  • Date: 13-14 March 2018
  • Conference venue: TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering, Boltzmannstraße 15, 85748 Garching b. München (Germany)
  • Conference website:

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Industrial Biotechnology Forum 2018

Industrial Biotechnology Forum 2018


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