Biobased materials, what’s next? The role of nanotechnologies

14th November 2013 | Mons, Belgium

Preliminary Programme:

  • 9h00:
    Welcome coffee and registration
  • 9h30:
    Biobased materials. Issues and challenges, Pr. CAMINO Giovanni (Polytechnic of Torino, Italy)
  • 10h: Nanomaterials from renewable resources and their promising applications, Cidetec (Spain)
  • 10h30: Break
  • 10h50: Biobased thermoplastic nanocomposites: key-role of nanofillers on material performances, Pr. DUBOIS Philippe (UMONS/Materia Nova – Belgium – partner in Nanolac project)
  • 11h15: Biobased nanocomposite textile fibers– recent advances, Pr. DEVAUX Eric (ENSAIT/CETI  – France – partner in Nanolac project)
  • 11h40: Biobased thermosetting resins: promising future, Dr. TONIAZZO Valérie  (CRP Henri Tudor/LIST – Luxemburg)
  • 12h05: Biobased plasma polymer nanocoatings, Pr. SNYDERS Rony (UMONS/Materia Nova – Belgium – partner in Opti²Mat project)
  • 12h30: Lunch
  • 13h30: Biosourced nanoparticles: an emerging family of nanofillers, Pr. DUFRESNE alain (University of Grenoble - France)
  • 13h55: Nanocrystalline cellulose in acrylic coatings, Dr. HABIBI Youssef (UMONS – Belgium)
  • 14h20: Metal-based nanoparticles produced by bacterial process, Pr. WATTIEZ Ruddy (UMONS – Belgium)
  • 14h45: Break
  • 15h10: Plateform BIO – PPP – concept presentation, BRIDGE 2020 (European initiative)
  • 15h30: Multifunctional nanocomposites, Dr. GRIVEI Eusebiu (NaNo4 - Belgium)
  • 15h50: Bioplastics for automotive industry, MAIER (Spain)
  • 16h20: “Bio-Nano” : industrial perspectives and concluding remarks, Dr. GOLDBERG Anne (Solvay – France)
  • 16h45: Cocktail