6th International Congress on Bio-based Plastics and Composites

10. bis 12. April 2013 | Köln, Maternushaus

Highlights from the world wide leading countries in bio-based economy: USA & Germany

To what extent has the bio-based economy really taken root in practice? What strategies are there for the years to come? Germany and the USA are world leaders in the chemical and plastics industries. Both countries have comprehensive funding schemes in place for research and development in the fields of bio-based chemicals and plastics, but investment and market presence are also showing double-figure growth.

This congress aims to provide major players from the US and German bio-based chemicals and plastics industries with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest developments and strategies. Representatives of political bodies and associations will also have their say alongside leading companies. How advanced are bio-refineries that produce more than just fuel? Which chemical building blocks are ready for market and already in production? Which bio-based plastics and bio-composites are already established or about to be?


The congress theme covers the whole area of biomaterials, additives and industrial biotechnology. Biomaterials are based on the direct use or the biotechnological modification of starch, sugar, plantoil, cellulose/natural fibres as well as special biomolecules such as rubber or lignin. This group of biomaterials includes bio-based plastics, biodegradable ones as well as durables, Wood Polymer Composites (WPC), natural fibre reinforced plastics and natural rubber.

Innovation Award – Bio-based Plastics and Composites of the year 2013

For the sixth year running an Innovation award will be awarded to the young, innovative biomaterials industry, along with suitable applications and markets for bio-based products exclusively coming form USA and Germany this time round. The focus of the award is on new developments within theses areas, which have had a market launch in 2012 and 2013. Three materials from both the USA and Germany will be nominated and the winner will be elected during the first day of the event (April 10th, 2012) by all the participants of the congress. The “Top 6” will present their innovations in a shared exhibition space. Please contact Lena Scholz,

Exhibition Bio-based Plastics and Composites

Use the extraordinary chance to present your company and your products at the congress with an exhibition stand! Prices starting at 1.000 €. We would be glad to provide you with a nonbinding offer, please contact Dominik Vogt,

Our participants:

Investment decision makers from industries and science, executive managers from research and development, engineers and designers from product development, managers and technology-oriented innovation advisors, trend scouts, decision makers from marketing and trade, decision makers from politics, federations and associations.

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