7th European Bioplastics Conference 2012

6th - 7th November 2012
Berlin, Maritim proArte Hotel

From niche to mainstream

More investments, more (commodity) products, and an increasing interest for the industry: the steadily growing market visibility puts bioplastics onto the agenda of brand owners, consumers and decision-makers.

Why attend?

The European Bioplastics Conference is the pre-eminent international industry event in Europe offering a unique information platform for industry trends, as well as innovations in material and application development.

Participants can expect a newly diversified conference format as well as an improved mix of expert presentations and interactivity, hereby engaging every participant and meeting individual needs and interests.

Excellent networking opportunities and a comprehensive product exhibition: building on last year’s success of the record exhibition, the 7th Conference is set to offer even more exhibition space, exclusiveness and networking areas.

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Quelle: European Bioplastics