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Marc Delcourt (CEO)


Industrielle Biotechnologie


Global Bioenergies is developing artificial pathways to directly produce light olefins through fermentation, as opposed to first producing another product, e.g. an alcohol (ethanol, isobutanol, butanediol...) which then needs to be chemically transformed (e.g. dehydration, metathesis...).

Different from other bio-products, light olefins are produced as a gas. They hence do not accumulate in the reaction medium to reach concentrations slowing down or inhibiting the microorganism's production. Furthermore, product separation is considerably easier and cheaper since no energy consuming methods such as distillation or phase separation are necessary. In June 2011, Global Bioenergies has successfully completed a 2.9 times oversubscribed IPO and so far concluded two partnerships with major industrialists.

The company's most advanced program concerns the conversion of renewable resources to Isobutene, where proof of concept has been obtained in 2010. Isobutene has numerous applications - for fuels (IsoOctane, Jet Fuel, Diesel) as well as for chemicals (butyl-rubber, organic glass [methyl methacrylate, MIVIA], para-xylene, poly-lsobutylene). Global Bioenergies is now moving its Isobutene process towards industrialization as well as working on replicating the Isobutene success to other light olefins such as Propylene, Butadiene, 1-Butene, Ethylene and Isoprene.

The company's business model is based on granting application-specific, exclusive licenses (e.g. "Isobutene to synthesize MMA").

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