Electrochaea GmbH


Dr. Mich Hein




Electrochaea is a clean technology start-up developing a novel technology for grid-scale energy storage known as power-to-gas. ln this two-step process, low-cost and stranded electricity from wind and solar is first converted to hydrogen by means of water electrolysis. The hydrogen is then combined with carbon dioxide and reacted to methane, the principal component of natural gas. This methanation reaction is performed by a proprietary strain of methanogenic archaea, a single-celled organism that has been among the first living organisms on Earth.

Electrochaea's archaea have been adapted for deployment in industrial environments and excel through high mass conversion efficiency and robustness and fast reaction kinetics. The renewable gas produced in this process can be injected directly into existing natural gas pipelines and stored for days, weeks or months. Once in the grid, the gas can be transported geographically to the point of end use in power production or in transportation, heating, and other industrial applications.

The company is planning to commercialize its power-to-gas technology in countries with ambitious targets for wind and solar energy such as Germany, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Backed by an international consortium of renowned investors, Electrochaea is based in Planegg (Bavaria) and currently employs 15 talented individuals representing 9 different countries.

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Solutions for power-to-gas applications and biogas upgrading.

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