Dr. Martin Ried, Dr. Ismail Moarefi, Dr. Michael Schäffer




CRELUX specializes in tailor made protein and protein crystallography drug discovery services. The company is a professional and dedicated service provider for the global pharma, biotech and diagnostics industry. CRELUX is independent and privately owned with no venture capital or other external investment. The company is solely committed to long-term development and growth with all profit being re-invested into the business. CRELUX is a client focused company with a portfolio of premium drug discovery services based on our top level protein expertise. In our PRIME PROTEIN programs we are advancing innovations in protein expression to promote the availability of high quality proteins. Our XPRESS portfolio of readily available crystallographic targets grants turn-around times for complex structures of only a few weeks. XPERT crystallography services from concept to high resolution complex structure are provided under individual agreements following our customer’s needs. Based on our unique screening technology INTRACT we are providing compound and fragment screening. Finally, our I2C (idea to candidate) program offers comprehensive target to hit and concept to early development candidate fee-for-service projects.

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Proteinherstellung, Expression, Reinigung, Kristallisation, strukturbasierte Enzymoptimierung, Interaktionsstudien von Biomolekülen (direkte KD werte).



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