ChromoTek GmbH


Dr. Marion Jung


Forschung und Entwicklung


ChromoTek GmbH is a biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel nanoprobes and cell based assays for biomedical research and early drug development. The core of ChromoTek’s proprietary technology is the Chromobody®-Technology. Based on this technology, ChromoTek has developed diverse Nanotraps and Chromobodies® derived from single-chain antibodies from Camelidae during the last years. Nanotraps, including the GFP-Trap® and RFP-Trap® are versatile research tools for biochemical studies. In April 2011 ChromoTek successfully introduced its first cell based assay for early drug development, the Cell Cycle Chromobody®. This real-time High-Content Analysis assay enables to monitor the complete cell cycle in live cells for the first time.

Angebote ans Netzwerk

Expertise in generation of single domain antibodies, Novel assay formats for live cell screening.

Erwartungen vom Netzwerk

Partnership for novel reagents/assay formats leveraging Chromobody® technology.