BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG


Elgar Schnegg (CEO), Ralph Zahn (CTO)


Biotechnologie, Metabolomics


Biocrates is a leading metabolomics company using an innovative, integrated mass spectrometry-based technology platform. Biocrates quantitative approach enables immediate identification of metabolites, measurement of their absolute concentrations, and mapping to their respective pathways.

Through our metabolomic services (TargetIDQ® Services) we support partners in the pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences industries in identifying metabolomic biomarkers relevant to their specific research and development projects.

Our metabolomic kits (AbsoluteIDQ® p150 and p180 Kit, AbsoluteIDQ® Stero17 Kit, MetaDisIDQ® Kit) deliver the widest available range of metabolomic information in a single assay; identifying and quantifying more than 180 metabolites from different compound classes.

Angebote ans Netzwerk

Metabolomic Services: new method development, quantification services, biochemical data analysis/ interpretation; Metabolomic Kits (research assays).

Erwartungen vom Netzwerk

Scientific or commercial cooperations in the field of metabolomics.