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Easter-News: Eggshell nanoparticles could lead to expanded use of bioplastic in packaging materials

Easter eggs. Bild: CC0 Public Domain, Couleur/

(A short easter story) This research was presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society in 2016.  Read more


Biological system with light switch

Schematic representation of the illumination of the sensor domain of a photo-receptor and the molecular propagation of the light signal to the effector (in red on the right-hand edge of the image). Credit: © TU Graz/IBC

For the first time ever, researchers at TU Graz and the Medical University of Graz have managed to functionally characterise the three-dimensional interaction between red-light receptors and enzymatic effectors. The results,...  Read more

ZIM-KN Bioplastik


Cooperation network "BioPlastik" – long-term investment in clever product solutions

The partners in the "BIoPlastik" cooperation network work on innovative, biobased, degradable and at the same time cost-effective biopolymers. Bild: CC0 Public Domain aitoff /

After three years of funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the cooperation network is now consolidated by contributions from the partners only.  Read more


Living sensors at your fingertips

Researchers have found that the hydrogel’s mostly watery environment helps keep nutrients and programmed bacteria alive and active. When the bacteria reacts to a certain chemical, the bacteria are programmed to light up, as seen on the left. Credit: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cell-infused gloves and bandages light up when in contact with certain chemicals.  Read more

IBB Netzwerk


First production in history of fully renewable ETBE

The majority of countries in the world impose a limit called "blend wall", but if biofuels are to become more widely used in the future, this limit will have to be addressed. Credit: CC0 Public Domain, Activ-Michoko/

In a historic first, Global Bioenergies (IBB network member) announced at the beginning of february the production of ETBE (ethyl-tert-butyl ether) purely from renewable resources. The breakthrough heralds a new opportunity for...  Read more


Gateway to BLUE world

Logo: Antho-Plus

AnthoPLUS establishes successfully intense blue colours based on stable anthocyanins as food colourants.  Read more

IBB Netzwerk


sunliquid® 20: Fleet test with Mercedes-Benz vehicles proves fuel quality

Cars in the Mercedes-Benz fleet in front of Clariant's sunliquid® precommercial plant, where cellulosic ethanol is produced from agricultural residues. Photo: Clariant/Rötzer

A plus for the environment: Improves particle count emissions and guarantees significant reductions in CO2 emissions using sunliquid® cellulosic ethanolField test confirms: Excellent combustion characteristics without additional...  Read more