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First product bottling at the Leuna demo plant

Logo: Global Bioenergies

Global Bioenergies (IBB network member) announced that its demo plant, located at the Leuna refinery site, has successfully operated its entire technical process: fermentation, purification, and filling station. The first bottle...  Read more


Clariant and Enviral announce first license agreement on sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol technology

Extensive tests with Enviral’s feedstock were conducted at Clariant’s pre-commercial plant in Straubing, Germany. Photo: Clariant

Clariant and Enviral sign license agreement on sunliquid® technologyEnviral, member of Envien Group, intends to design, build and operate a new full scale commercial cellulosic ethanol plant at its Leopoldov site with Clariant’s...  Read more


Turning industrial waste into medical-grade plastic

Waste remade: a mining by-product is being developed into bioplastic. Credit: © Murdoch University

Murdoch researchers have found a way to convert industrial waste into biodegradable plastic.  Read more


Value from wastewater

Sewage sludge contains lots of valuable elements such as phosphorus. In order to recover it, wastewater treatment facilities need to invest. Credit: Hochschule Landshut

Sewage sludge contains lots of valuable elements which are prized as fertiliser for use in agriculture. Phosphorus in particular is an important nutrient for plants. Researchers at Landshut University of Applied Sciences are...  Read more

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Smart prognostic tools for biotechnology and medicine

Approved cooperation network "MoDiPro" develops computer-based models to make biotechnological production processes more efficient and to enable optimized and fast decisions in medicine.   Read more


When life gives you lemons, make bio-plastics

Lemon. Quelle: CC0 Public Domain - Jaro_N -

From your phone case to airplane windows, polycarbonates are everywhere. Several million tons of polycarbonate are produced every year around the world. However, worries about the dangers of this material are increasing because...  Read more

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A heart made of spider silk

Spider silk is the key to restoring damaged heart tissue. Credit: Universität Bayreuth

Researchers at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) and their colleagues at the University of Bayreuth investigated whether an artificial silk protein developed in the laboratory could be suitable for...  Read more